• If your disc burner is not detected at all, it maybe caused by Nero applications that are being blocked by Windows10/11's ransomware protection.

           To solve this, please try below steps:

1. Open the Start menu. Click/tap on Windows Security in the All Apps list. 

2. Click on Virus & threat protection.

3. Under "Ransomware protection," click the Manage ransomware protection option.

4. Is Controlled folder access turned on or not? See below screenshot.

5. If yes, click the Allow an app through Controlled folder access option.

6. Click the Add an allowed app button.

7. Click the Recently blocked apps option, find Nero applications. Or browse to Nero installation path and add Nero applications:  "nero.exe" (with full file path,e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Nero\Nero 2019\Nero Burning ROM\nero.exe, C:\Program Files (x86)\Nero\Nero 2019\Nero Vision\NeroVision.exe, C:\Program Files (x86)\Nero\Nero 2019\Nero MediaHome\MediaHome.exe, etc.)

8. Restart Windows and recheck Nero applications.

  • If it still does not work, or Controlled folder access has been turn off but Nero applications could not detect driver, try with these possible solutions:
  1. If you are using and external Optical Disc Drive Recorder, you can change to another USB port and try again. Some USB ports may not supply enough AC power
  2. Please update the firmware or driver of the disc recoder and try again
  3. Try to connect the burner to another SATA connector.
  4. Make sure you don't use remote mode.

If still does not work, please report your issues to feedback@nero.com