If MediaHome does not find any streaming devices, e.g. smart TV, please check below items:

1. Make sure your TV and PC are in the same network, and the network is ok.

2. On your TV, check the home network settings, make sure MediaHome is allowed as the media server.

3. On your PC, turn off the firewall.

4. Restart TV and PC, try again.

If above steps cannot resolve the problem, the problem maybe caused by Nero WiFi+Transfer. WiFi+Transfer is a client that works with the Nero DriveSpan app (on the mobile device). WiFi+Transfer occupies some UPnP port, which may affects TV sharing in some cases. 

1. Open Task Manager, find WiFi+Transfer.

2. Right click on it. Click End task in the context menu.

3. Restart MediaHome and try streaming again.

4. If streaming works now and you don't need to work with Nero Drive Span mobile app, you could uninstall WiFi+Transfer: