There are, of course, legitimate sales of Nero products on eBay and similar platforms. Many of our official re-sellers are selling the box product there and also loyal customers might resell their product if they no longer use it. But, unfortunately, there are a lot of of illegal offers, too. Those are people who buy a single user license from us and resell it to many people. We are investing many efforts to take them down, but with such a popular product new sellers pop up daily. The problem for you as a potential buyer is that the software will even work for a while and until you ask them for a refund, those sellers are long gone. Here are some recommendations:

- Buy the download directly from our official website It ensures that you get the official product directly from us with the best promotions applied.

- If you want to buy on eBay or similar platforms, go for a box product (new and used). It is much less likely that sellers will take the effort to fake those.

Indicators for a illegal offering:

- a price that is only a fraction of the product price on

- a box shot that is either the official one with some modification or a completely invented one

Often used phrases:

- Instant delivery of the key via chat

- Digital download only, you won't receive a disc

- Download the Nero Trial and apply the key

- Software is pre-activated

Last but not least: Five star reviews is not an indicator for a legitimate offer. As soon as customers are complaining and giving bad reviews, the seller will close the shop and re-open under a different name.

If you believe you are a victim of such a fraud, please send us  the license key and we can check it for you.