You'll find further information about how to convert audios to MP3 under following link:
Convert audio to MP3

Click on the following link for further information about digitizing VHS video tapes:
Digitize analog media 

Besides converting video files and video discs ‘Nero Recode’ allows you to convert audio file formats to mp3 files quickly and easily.

  1. Drag & Drop auido files via Windows Explorer to Nero Recode drop zone.
    Nero Recode will read the format and open the job window. 
  2. Click on the music button and selecet MP3.
    You can choose between differerent high quality audio formats.
    The audio bitrate will be set automatically.
  3. For manual selection of a preferred quality open the drop down list.
  4.  Specifiy the storage location.
  5. Click on OK.
    Your job will be displayed on the home screen. 
  6. Click Start Encoding and your jobs will be processed rapidly.
  7. Via ‘Browse’ go to the location on your hard disk or press play to listen to the encoded song.

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