The Nero SoundTrax wizards allow you to record music from LP records and cassettes and burn it quickly and easily onto CD. 

The following requirement must be fulfilled:
A record player or cassette tape recorder must be connected to the input of the sound card.
To record from LP record or cassette, proceed as follows:    
1.Click the Tools > Wizards > LP to CD Wizard/Tape to CD Wizard entry in the menu bar.

->The LP to CD Wizard or Tape to CD Wizard window is opened with the Recording Console screen.

2.If you want to hear how the sound quality is modified by changing the recording volume, enable the Digital monitoring check box.
3.Start playback on the capture device.
4.Move the Recording Volume slider until the display in the Level Meters is primarily in the yellow range.
If the level meters are predominantly in the red range then the audio quality will be reduced.
5.If you want to pause recording until a signal is detected at the recording input, enable the Pause recording until signal detected check box.
If you want to pause recording if a signal has not been detected at the recording input after 20 seconds, for instance because the cassette has reached the end of one side, enable the Pause recording after 20 seconds of silence check box.
6.If you want to change the target file, click the Change Target File button and select the folder in which you want to save the audio file.
7.Click the Record   button.

->The system starts recording.

8.Click the Pause  button to stop capturing.
9.Click the Next button.

->The Automatic Track Detection screen is displayed.

10.Turn the Silence Threshold jog dial until the dB value of the pause is reached.
11.Enter the minimum duration of a pause in the Minimum duration of pause text box.

->Nero SoundTrax detects passages in the audio file and automatically inserts a pause.

12.Enter the minimum duration that a track should have in the Minimum duration of track text box.
13.Click the Detect button.

->The tracks in the recording are detected automatically. The detected tracks are displayed in the respective screen.

14.Click the Next button.

->The Noise Reduction screen is displayed.

15.Move the Denoiser Level slider until the desired threshold value for removing background noise such as hissing, crackling, and humming is reached.
16.Move the Derumble Level slider until the desired threshold value for removing low frequency signals that occur when recording LP records is reached.
The derumble filter can also erase bass frequencies that are part of the recording. Consequently do not set the threshold value of the slider too high.
17.Move the Declicker Level slider until the desired threshold value for removing clicks that occur when recording LP records is reached.
18.Move the Decrackler Level until the desired threshold value for removing background crackle that occurs when recording LP records is reached.
19.Click the Preview button.

->The recording is played with noise suppression.

20.Click the Stop button to stop the preview.
21.Click the Next button.
->The CD Compilation screen is displayed.

22.If you want to create an Audio CD image of the project immediately, select the Burn project immediately check box.
23.If you want to launch Nero CoverDesigner select the Launch Nero CoverDesigner check box.
24.If you want pauses between the individual tracks, select the Pause option button and enter the duration in seconds and milliseconds in the respective text boxes.
If you want to have the tracks run into each other, select the Crossfade option button.
25.Click the Finish button.
You have recorded an LP record or cassette.