You'll find further information about how to recognize an dsort your images under following link:
Automatically recognizing images

Now, after getting the AI tags at the end of detection, Nero AI Photo Tagger can also help you automatically organize your photos into folders, based on these AI categories.

Copy Files

At the bottom of AI Tags panel, you will see a ‘Copy Files’ button. Clicking it will pop up a system dialog to select a location as the target.

FAQ_Copy Files_Target folder

After you confirmed the location, Nero AI Photo Tagger will create sub-folders based on AI Tags and copy all these photos into the according folders.

FAQ_CopyFile_copy processFAQ_CopyFile_target location

Now, all your photos are organized by the detected AI tags.

You can also select only some AI categories to copy. Clicking ‘Select’ will enable multi-select mode.

FAQ_Copy Files_select some

Now you can select one or more tags to copy. Nero AI Photo Tagger will only copy the photos of selected categories to new location.