Thank you for choosing Nero software. Previously, when you bought Nero, you got a 32-bit code serial number.

Now if you purchase new Nero software in, you will NOT get serial number anymore. We use completely new Nero Account system to stores all your Nero products within your account. So you don't have to remember all your serial numbers. With your Nero Account, you can store and keep track of all your purchases and subscriptions after logging into Nero Start on your PC.

Your Nero Account consists of the email address you used when you first signed up or purchased a Nero product. Logging in Nero Account in new Nero Start, it helps you to use your Nero applications and services securely and reliably.

From Nero Start -> Account Settings (the third icon in the top right corner), you could see all your product within your Nero Account.

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I bought Nero from website and got the 8-bit code. How can I login and unlock my product after installation.