If you install Nero program and see the error 'The installation of Microsoft VC Redist 2015-20xx (x86) has failed', please follow below steps:

1. Open the Control Panel - Uninstall a program

2. Uninstall Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-20XX Redistributable (x86)

3. Restart the computer

4. Download Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-20XX   Redistributable (x86) from https://ecloud.nero.com/index.php/s/L8xKNNxd62fSpia 

5. Manual install Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-20XX   Redistributable (x86

6. After installing Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-20XX   Redistributable (x86, install Nero again

7. If install Nero still fails, please create the new NeroSupport.zip and send to us. (Regarding how to create NeroSupport.zip, please refer to this article https://nerosupport.freshdesk.com/en/support/solutions/articles/44000808581-i-have-encountered-a-technical-issue-how-can-i-get-help- )


Note: If the failed program is VC Redist 2010(x86), VC Redist 2012(x86) or VC Redist 2017/2019/202X(x86), the solution is the same. Firstly uninstall the program from Control Panel, restart system, download the installer and manually install.

The download links are: