If you have a Nero trial version installed on your computer:

There is no need to go through the installation again, you can add your original Nero serial number to the Nero ControlCenter to activate it.

First, please check your email inbox and open the order confirmation/notification email of your purchase. The serial number has the following format: 


You must copy and add this serial number to your Nero ControlCenter to activate your software. To do this, follow the steps below:

To open Nero ControlCenter, click Start on the Windows Start menu.

Then click on the entry "all apps / all programs" -> "Nero" -> "Nero ControlCenter".

In the Nero ControlCenter, click the "Serial Numbers" entry on the left.

-> The license screen is displayed.

Press "Add Serial Number".

Enter the serial number in the "Serial Number" input field and click the "Next" button.

-> The serial number is confirmed.

Press "Exit".

Now you can run the full version of your Nero product properly.