If you have multiple products in your Nero account (e.g. Nero Platinum 2021, Nero Platinum 2020, or Nero Platinum Suite), Nero Platinum Suite is usually the default product and all applications in Start screen point to the individual applications in the product. 

But if you prefer to switch the default product, you can set in Nero Start. Click the Account icon in the top right corner, click Manage my account link to My products screen. Turn on the product you would like to run in Start screen. 

After the default product is changed, (e.g. change from Nero Platinum to select Nero Platinum 2021), you can find all applications in the Start screen point to the applications of Nero Platinum Suite 2021. What’s more, the updates also change to the given default product.

BTW, you could run all the installed Nero program from Windows Start Menu.