Glad to know that you have got a Nero activation code.

We use the Nero accounting system to manage all Nero products and Nero product features. To use the newly purchased activation code for the Nero product, please log in to your Nero account in Nero Start. Please register a Nero account first from the Nero Start log-in page if you do not have one.

Here is the download link of the Nero core installer for Nero Start:

Once you have logged in to Nero Start, you can activate the code in Nero Start under "Manage my Account" -> "My Products" -> "Activate more products".

Here are some brief instructions:

  1. Log in Nero account by clicking the profile icon of Nero Start.
  2. Click “Manage my account” to go Nero account page.
  3. Activate more Nero products for your account.
  4. Enter your activation code.
  5. Activate now. 

Then you should be able to get the activated product downloaded from “Updates” in Nero Start.


Best regards, 

Lindsay Chen