1. Open Nero CoverDesigner.
    A window "New Document" will appear.
  2. Select any Template.
    The design area will appear.
  3. Click on "File".
  4. Click on "Paper Stocks" which is on the menu bar.
  5. Highlight"User defined stocks".
  6. Click on "Add stock".
    A new stock is added. It is called "Stock 1".
  7. Highlight "Stock 1".
    You can change the name of the stock to your liking.
  8. Change width and heigth to your wanted values.
  9. Set "Feed papers as:" to "Protrait".
    The preview of the paper stock should show a square design.
  10. Click "Add item".
    A context menu appears.
  11. Chose your items.
    You can click on "Disc" for an example. A greyed out disc appears in the preview which is aligned to left and top of the square.
  12. Highlight "Disc" in the left hand window.
    The disc in the preview will change its colour.
  13. Now adjust the values for disc size:
    Note: Following numbers give maximum disc coverage.
    Outer radius: 58.500 mm
    Inner radius: 12.000 mm

    Inner and outer radius can be adjusted according to the target discs you use. Simply measure the diameter of your discs and divide by 2 to get the proper values for these entries.
  14. Now adjust the values for the Position (X/Y):
    16.00mm / 8.750mm.

    The disc in the preview will move to the correct position.
  15. When you have finished click on "Ok". 
    You can now use your own paper stock.