If you bought Nero Platinum as a subscription, you can upgrade to the latest Nero Platinum 2022 version for free.

There are 2 ways to get the latest Nero 2022 version.

A. Direct Installation the new version

    1. Download and install the new Nero Platinum Subscription version: click Nero Platinum Subscription

    2. Run new Nero Start (the circle desktop icon), your Nero Account will be automatically logged in if you have logged in old Nero Start. If Nero Start asks you to log in, please log in with your Nero Account. After log in, the new Nero Platinum will be unlocked automatically.

    3. You could uninstall Nero Core and Nero Platinum from system Control Panel, to save space. Please notice, there is no Nero Control Center since Nero Platinum 2021 anymore. All the functions are integrated into Nero Start.

B. Upgrade from Nero Start Update Center

   There is an Updates tab in Nero Start if you have install Nero Platinum 2020 or 2021. In this tab, all the latest applications are listed. You can download, install or update to all the latest applications version 24.5.

After updating, you could see the fresh new Nero Start. In Updates screen, there are 2 tabs: Updates and Installs. In Updates tab, you could find updated versions of your installed application. In Installs tab, you could find the applications which havn't been installed yet, and to install them.